Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Obama disconnects from Wright - too late, Barry

Today I read some mind-boggling articles.

First, an article that stated that Hilary Clinton's whole post-Iowa campaign has focused on bringing Obama down. I hadn't noticed that, but it wouldn't have been a bad idea, if that were the focus. Well, this last weekend we saw Jeremiah Wright pretty much do the job for her. Now, if that article's writer did assess Hilary's campaign goals correctly, I'd say that Clinton lady is very clever, indeed. Her aims achieved - and someone in Obama's own camp did the dirty for her. Good work done.

Actually, I guess that Wright is no longer a member of Obama's camp, as Barack disassociated himself from his old pastor today, at last. A good step - but only 20 years too late. So what about this whole matter is mind-boggling? After all, Barack couldn't really ride this tide if he were still connected to the retired pastor, so he did the political thing. Well, what boggles the imagination is the thought that a person with such ambitious political aspirations as Obama would consider that sitting under the teaching of such a contentious, divisive preacher for 20 years would be acceptable preparation for emerging onto the national political scene. Mind boggling to think that, when he started on this campaign for the Democratic nomination, Obama did not seem to be aware that Pastor Wright's teachings would be uncovered; he seemed quite surprised by the uproar. Mind boggling to think that Obama could regularly listen to incendiary separatist teaching for 20 years and then present himself as the country's best hope for unity. Even more mind boggling to see how many people have been buying that line. Hopefully those Dems who have yet to vote in their state primaries will walk into the voting booths with their eyes open and their minds clear.

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